Best Small Business Storyteller for 2019 is Terry Stevens

Award for Art Zone
Just Say WOW! Kanata's Winner Of Alignable’s SmallBiz Story Search Revealed Today
Kanata’s Best Small Business Storyteller for 2019 is Terry Stevens of Art Zone Studio


And here's the winning answer...

   I gave my front teeth to have a job like that
I was doing a faux stone wall on a large winding staircase for a very upscale office building. Upon sanding the bulkhead on an extension ladder, I did not notice that the vibration from the electric sander was causing the ladder to gradually move to the point where it slipped and fell onto a very sturdy desk right in front of it along with me. I promptly had my two front teeth removed. I called an after hour dental clinic and they said: "Can you find your teeth?"
I found one of them, what now?. She said to get a container of milk and drop it in the milk, that will keep it alive. It was about 6 o'clock. I got to the dentist and he temporarily put back the one tooth and created a temporary second one and said "This should suffice just so people won't think that Halloween is early. I left, drove back to the job and continued working till about 10 o'clock. The owner came by with an entourage to show off his new office. I just smiled and no one knew the difference. I gave my word that I would complete the job in 2 weeks and he didn't have to pull teeth to get it done.


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