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Wildlife Wildlife (25 items)

The New Brunswick Series The New Brunswick Series (7 items)
A series of paintings based on our trip to New Brunswick witnessing the amazing rocks and tides there. We were in wonder of the many textures and colours of a dramatic landscape.

Sold Sold (36 items)
Artwork sold or commissioned artwork purchased

Landscapes Landscapes (66 items)

Terry's Abstracts Terry's Abstracts (40 items)

Tish's Abstracts Tish's Abstracts (2 items)

Florals Florals (18 items)

Still Life Still Life (9 items)
various still life images that captured our attention

Portraits Portraits (13 items)
Portraits by Tish

Tobermory - Bruce Penninsula/Ontario Tobermory - Bruce Penninsula/Ontario (13 items)
Various experiences of this beautiful part of Canada triggered the inspriation to paint what was seen, felt and heard. The fragrance of those moments still linger as our brushes attempt to express the impossible on canvas.

Prints on canvas Prints on canvas
All paintings are available as prints on canvas

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