Mural pricing

Pricing for murals
A Minimum charge of $350.
Level 1   Simple children's mural
Level 2   Decorative i.e. sky, grass, clouds, sports images ( no detail on faces)
Level 3   Low realism with medium detail i.e. landscapes, cafe scenes,Venice,Tuscany etc.
Level 4   High realism with fine detail e.g architectural precision   
Level 5  Portraits, faces  - Discussed with Client 
A sketch is always done prior to the job which will help to define which level of pricing will meet the need of the client.
 For ceilings there is an additional charge of 25-50% the sq ft price depending on difficulty and height of project. Scaffolding not included
Decorative paint and texture finishes range from $3. to $80. per sq ft depending on finish chosen and size of area. 
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